Night School by the Tokyo Garage

What’s the Tokyo Garage

Tokyo Garage is a cultural space for interaction of “professional artists”, “teenagers” and “people interested in a new challenge”.

About the night school “Yoru-no Gakko”

We are providing unique event in the evening once a month by inviting 3 different crowds, with different background and techniques, and skills to create a new idea or an object.

Held the first Saturday of each month from 16:00-20:00

@Tokyo Garage in Arakawa-ku

Teenagers, both Japanese and non-Japanese, living in Arakawa-Ku Tokyo are invited to participate in our monthly venue. Through learning and hearing professional artists explain their work and skills, teens will not only learn new skills, new innovation and thinking will be initiated in them.

Professional Japanese artists are invited to our Tokyo Garage events each month. Starting with “Printing Art on Japanese Lantern” (提灯文字) who is a master of print on delicate Japanese lanterns;  “Print Man”(刷り師) who is a master of print through wooden blocks called Hanga historically used in Japanese Ukiyo-e art; “Frame Artist” who is a master of creating wooden , and other material frame to high light the beauty in an art; “Japanese architecture” (日本建築) who is a master of true wooden structure Japanese traditional architecture; “ Japanese Gardener” (庭師)who is a master of designing and constructing Japanese style garden; and more

Our venue is open to foreign tourists visiting Japan, and whom like to interact with real Japanese artists and real Japanese citizens. Our space is multicultural and we welcome people from different culture and background to participate.

Three Main Experience at Tokyo Garage venue:

I:  meet different people from different background @ Tokyo Garage

II:  meet us at an odd evening time 16 -20 @ Tokyo Garage

III:  experience something new to enrich your body and soul @ Tokyo Garage

英語訳:西 まりやん
Translator: Mariyan Nishi
GREEN8 Co.,Ltd. CEO and President